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Veterinary Technicians are basically the nurses of the Veterinary world. Their primary responsibility is animal care and treatment. They work side by side with Dr. King during surgeries and MRI’s. They manage the patient’s treatment and facilitate communication between Dr. King and the clients. Our technicians are highly trained for their jobs and go above and beyond for their patients. Without our technicians, Dr. King would not be as successful in the treatment of your loved pets.


Veterinary Assistants work primarily with the Veterinary Technicians here at Live Oak Veterinary Neurology. Our Veterinary Assistant’s main responsibility is to be a helper to the Technicians. Their responsibilities include restraining pets, treatments in the ICU, and helping with the cleanliness of the hospital.


A receptionist has influence with our clients other positions do not. A receptionist is the first impression a current client or potential client sees or hears, and with this comes certain obligations. At all times, a receptionist must maintain a warm, yet professional appearance and demeanor. A receptionist needs to be proficient in all of the hospital's protocols, and able to answer any question a client may have. A receptionist must be efficient and effective, able to multi­task, and provide a liaison between client and veterinarian. Focusing on client satisfaction rather than client service is required at all times. Client satisfaction allows our clients to set the standard for all aspects of their care. Whatever a client needs, we provide to our best abilities, and the ability to anticipate needs is paramount.