We have advanced training in electrophysiology and neurosurgery to provide you with the very best that veterinary medicine has to offer.



Caudal Cervical Spondylomyelopathy Decompression
(Young Dog Wobbler's Disease Surgery)

Cervical Disc Arthroplasty
(Disc Associated Wobbler's Disease Surgery)

Spinal Tumor Surgery

Spinal Tumor Biopsy

Spinal Fracture Repair and Stabilization

Atlantoaxial Luxation Surgery/Medical Management

Intervertebral Disc Disease

  • Ventral Slot
  • Hemilaminectomy
  • Partial Lateral Corpectomy

Lumbosacral Disc Disease
Decompression and Stabilization

skull surgery

Chiari-malformation Decompression with Titanium Implant Cranioplasty

Ventriculoperitoneal Shunting for Hydrocephalus

Experienced in multiple approaches to
the canine and feline brain and skull

On-Site Magnetic Resonance Imaging

1.5T 8-channel GE MRI Unit
(the most advanced veterinary-exclusive MRI unit in the region)

Invivo MRI Anesthesia Monitor
(real time monitoring of vital parameters under anesthesia makes this the safest veterinary MRI in the region)

on-site ct scanning

4-slice helical veterinary-exclusive CT scanner

CT-guided biopsy available

Dedicated anesthesia monitoring during CT guided procedures

Electrodiagnostic Testing


Nerve conduction studies

Muscle and nerve biopsies

Electroencephalography for seizure

OFA Pre-purchase hearing certification for puppies and kittens

Brain-stem auditory evoked response testing for deafness

other services

Complete Neurologic Examinations by a Board-Certified Specialist in Veterinary Neurology

Medical Management of Chronic Pain Conditions

Digital Radiography

On-site hematology, biochemistry, urine, and therapeutic drug-level testing

Genetic counseling for
neurodegenerative diseases

Pharmacologic testing for Neurologic Diseases

Medical Management of Central and Peripheral Nervous System Diseases

Veterinary Medical Acupuncture