About LOVN

How does LOVN work with my regular veterinarian?

At Live Oak Veterinary Neurology we have a philosophy that our practice is 'team-oriented and pet-centric'.  That's because your pet is at the center of everything we do and every recommendation we make, and because we consider ourselves a part of your veterinarian's team when we're working with you and your pet.  No one knows your pet like you do, but your veterinarian isn't very far behind!

We share our medical records and expertise with the veterinarians that refer to us.  That means that your veterinarian will have at their disposal all of the medical records pertaining to your pet's visits with LOVN.  They also have all the expertise and knowledge that we can provide when things change or problems arise.  We pride ourselves on sharing this information with them in a timely manner to make sure that everyone is on the same page.  That's how we're able to offer you the very best in care and medical or surgical outcome.

We have a lot of very fancy equipment here, which greatly increases our ability to help pets in need.  But our most important tool for monitoring their progress is your observation of them and your veterinarian's ability to follow up on treatment recommendations and additional testing.

Your referring veterinarian is a highly trained expert in every realm of domestic animal medicine and surgery.  They are also very compassionate and caring people that come to love the pets in their care.  By helping them help you, we like to think that we're supporting and nourishing the bond between you, your pet, and your 'other' family doctor ...  That's our LOVNfamily and what we mean by #LOVNlife!